What People Are Saying About Karin

“Karin taught me proper nutrition, and as a result, I lost 32 pounds, am feeling stronger and able to walk better than I have in years. The food changes she recommended also did wonders for my COPD, as my breathing improved immensely. The immense pain I had when I started Karin’s program was greatly reduced as well. My A1C went from over 7.0 down to 5.2-5.5. My blood pressure improved as did my cholesterol numbers. She is a wonderful person and I would highly recommend her as a nutrition coach.”


“I began working with Karin when my dear friend and business partner noticed that I was constantly tired. She thought I had diabetes and needed to eat a healthier diet. She recommended Karin because she has experience and knowledge about health. While inmplementing food awareness strategies, Karin balanced empathy and understanding with changes I needed to make. I now make better choices to minimize or eliminate foods I never knew were critical to give up. Thank you Karin! Your knowledge and encouragement made a huge difference!!! I would recommend Karin to anyone suffering from low energy or who may have pre- or Type 2 diabetes.”


“I want to thank my health coach, Karin Yehling. She was my guide to healthy eating habits. The benefits I experienced were an increase in energy, no more daily aches and pains, and a more restful sleep. Best of all my blood pressure is lower and in normal range! In addition, I lost 24 pounds and 4 inches off my waist! All of this, and my endurance for exercise increased allowing me to play catch and lacrosse with my kids. Karin took the time to explain why changes in my eating habits were necessary. She not only provided me with weekly coaching but she also shared delicious recipes, and helped me strategize healthy changes as part of my everyday life. I highly recommend Karin’s coaching program for anyone that wants to improve their overall health for life!"


“I worked with Karin for three and a half years to improve my health and fitness and have seen real progress. She was practical, diligent and motivating. Her knowledge about nutrition and its connection to health is incredibly deep and she walks the talk in her own life. She suits the program to your goals and lifestyle and she balances persistence with encouragement. I never felt shamed or put down and enjoyed every session we had together.”


“My law firm is working on a number of lawsuits against Monsanto, which along with other chemical and pharmaceutical companies is infecting our food supply with herbicides, pesticides and GMOs. Pharmaceutical companies are mainly out for profits (e.g. if you are diabetic, then you need pharmaceuticals). Well, I have seen in our Actos and Avandia litigation that patients on these diabetes drugs actually developed bladder cancer, heart conditions and strokes from the medication. My work (on these cases) was part of the reason I realized I needed to do something when I was overweight, and found out my cholesterol and blood pressure were a little high.

That’s when I met Karin Yehling. My life, diet and training have improved from working with Karin in many ways. My digestive system totally changed, due to cutting out processed food, especially anything with Gluten. I was initially 179 pounds when I went to Karin. Within a month, I lost about 8 pounds. I am now 150.

There are many other symptoms that have improved or disappeared; my ears and skin have cleared and I no longer have the horrible joint pain and muscle aches I used to.

Another major thing that happened in my life (and I have not even mentioned this to her because it's kind of embarrassing, lol!), is that my sex life with my man increased dramatically. I had major changes in my body, response and agility. When I began going to Karin, he was very impressed that I continued the program with her and lost so much weight, which translated to more intimacy because of (increased) energy. We are in our 60's and it is amazing!

Karin also impresses me because she knows what is going on environmentally with Monsanto and other chemical and pharmaceutical companies. She will guide anyone away from the poisoning of our society by corporations. A better option, which I learned from Karin, is to change your diet!”

S. B.

About Karin

Hi, my name is Karin. I’ve worked in the field of health and fitness for over 30 years. I am a certified Precision Nutrition Coach, Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, and a certified personal trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine and American Council on Exercise. More about me.

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