The Four Tiers of FOCUS

I design a Built-For-You approach to reversing your diabetes.

MINDSET: We’ll mentally prepare you for the habits which you’re about to change for the better. You’ll become more mindful of what foods you’re eating and why you’re eating them (stress, habit, addiction). I’ll teach you ways of dealing with stress and turning that “half glass empty” over to a “glass half full”.

NUTRITION: If you’re using a glucose meter, I’ll teach you some tricks to determine if a particular food is right for you or not. We’ll figure out which foods will help your cells heal so that you can get your energy back. Most importantly, we’ll make sure that all of these new foods are not just your “weapons against diabetes” but also tasty and satisfying.

LIFESTYLE: We’ll figure out what exercise suits you and use it in the most efficient way possible to help lower your blood sugar and burn fat. In addition to the dietary changes you’ve been making, exercise will help ramp up your metabolism. We’ll also tackle any sleep issues you may be having.

SUCCESS: Your success is based on the goals you set from day one. This is where you’ve walked the walk, you’ve gained confidence, you’ve achieved, and you’re ready to move on. We’ll strategize holidays and other special occasions, traveling, dining out and overall maintenance.

This is your time to flex and be proud of the fact that you can say, “I reversed my diabetes!”

I’ll help you take control of your diet.

Family functions and holiday parties with all the goodies. Ugh! Talk about swimming upstream! Everybody’s eating foods you KNOW aren’t good for your body but you feel left out and “different” so you dive in. Not only does the sugar make you feel like crap but you chastise yourself for eating it. The double whammy!! Then right after you take a two hour nap, you re-decide to start eating “good” again.

I’ve been there, done that.

Over the past 15 years, I’ve been figuring out how our individual chemistry affects our results. I’ve worked with nutritionists, tried different foods, supplements, exercise regimes and eating programs. The bottom line is that food got you into this mess and food will get you out of it… along with a dash of SMART exercise.

Being open to change takes guts!

Change can be really tough. That’s why I custom tailor my program to you.
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