Time Vampires

I’ve been working on scheduling my time better. I’m far from being OCD (on most stuff) so I’m not talking about a fifteen-minute schedule. Rather, I’m focused on the “blocks of time schedule”. 

For me, a block of time might be a one-hour period involving drinking tea and writing my blog. Exercise goes down as a two-hour block, because my dog and I go walking nearly every day. I also give myself a two-hour block for cooking (don’t kid yourself, this only happens once per week). 

If I go out to lunch solo, I always bring a task: writing, researching, reading. 

This is all about investing my time (wisely) to keep me away from social media, the internet, the news, etc. Those are all time vampires that will literally suck you into the abyss until you “don’t have enough time”.

When you start on your health journey, no matter if it’s reversing diabetes or decreasing symptoms of an autoimmune disease, you need a strategic plan involving time management. 

Let’s take an example: when to eat, what to eat, when to prepare your food. 

If you’re not already a daily cooker/food preparer, don’t start now. Block out a time on your weekend/day off to get the shopping/food prep/cooking done. In my case, I cook once a week and do food prep twice a week. I freeze nearly everything I cook; beans, roasted veggies, soups, stews. I prepare a “salad bar” in our fridge once a week and replenish it later in the week.

Set your schedule. This is your best chance at success in making those lifestyle changes. Oh yea, another side effect: decreased stress!

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